As an SoC, Atom is relying on technology that years old by now. Both Qualcomm and Samsung have processors that have more cores and better GPUs, while using substantially less power. That not a gap that Intel is going to close in a year time, especially after Intel continues to cut their mobile budget.

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Greinke the ex Dodger signed to a $206.5 million, six year contract by Arizona before the 2016 season gave up three runs and four hits in five plus innings. He struggled with his command, walking a season high five and throwing 103 pitches through five innings. Greinke faced 3 2 counts against five of his first eight batters and was at 54 pitches through two innings..

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Waukon is an overnight town for the first time (the ride passed through in its early days, in 1977). It has a tradition of strong high school sports programs, with Gene Klinge, the state’s winningest girls’ basketball coach, collecting a state championship during his 11 seasons there. On RAGBRAI’s final day, cyclists will climb 3 cheap iphone cases,200 feet, by far the most of the week, while covering just 45 miles on their way to Lansing, population 999, hosting for the first time since 1977..

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