Adult Day Health

Adult Day Health

Adult Day Health Programs provides various health, therapeutic and social services to the aged, aging and developmentally disabled to improve their quality of life. It also provides respite for caregivers enabling them to continue working outside of their homes while receiving assistance in caring for their loved ones in a safe, protected,  and loving environment.

What is adult day care?

Adult Day Health (ADH) Service is a community based group program that serves as an alternative and supplement to in home care and institutionalization.  Adult Day Health Centers provide a comprehensive, coordinated program of professional and compassionate services to meet the needs of seniors desiring to age in place; for young adults with physical, functional, and cognitive limitations; and both groups with mental and behavioral challenges.  In addition, ADH programs provide respite services and resources to assist caregivers in their caregiving journey from the demanding responsibilities of caregiving.

Services are designed to provide social and health services to adults who need supervised care in a safe and protected environment outside the home during the day.  Most centers operate 10 – 12 hours per day and provide meals, transportation, personal care, social/recreational outings, support with medication administration, and general supervision. Adult daycare centers may operate under a social model and/or a health care model.

Daycare centers may focus on providing care only for persons with Alzheimer’s and related dementia or their services may be available for any disabled adult. Some daycare centers maintain a nurse on-site. Occasionally, there will be a small room devoted to clients to have vital signs checked, etc. by a medical assistant/nurse when needed. They may also provide transportation and personal care as well as counseling for caretakers.

Participation in adult day care often prevents re-hospitalizations and may delay admission to residential long term care. For participants who would otherwise stay at home alone, the social stimulation and recreational activities may improve or maintain physical function.