27 Questions you need to know (click on any question to view answer)

What is an Adult-Day Care & Health Service and who benefits?
When should I consider using your services?
How do I or my family member get enrolled?
Are you licensed?
What is your staff to participant ratio?
How much does it cost (fees) for services?
If I cannot pay, who may and how?
Where are you located?
Do you accept Long-Term Care Insurance?
My family member is reluctant to leave home, how can I get him/her to enroll?
Can I drop my loved one just when I need respite (time off)?
What services do you provide?
When are you open?
Do you open on weekends?
Do you provide transportation?
In inclement weather, do your busses still run?
Do you provide skilled nursing care?
Do you accept participants with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other dementia diseases?
Do you accept participants with developmental disabilities?
Do you offer support groups for family caregivers
What types of activities do you offer?
What meals are provided at your center?  Is it free?
Do you provide meals to the rest of the community?  How?
What do participants and caregivers say about your center?
What is a typical day like at your center?
Describe the role of the staff & management team?
Do you accept volunteers from the community?