Our March 14 Member Breakfast Meeting, featuring UConn Head Women Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma, will be another sold out chamber event. Coach Auriemma always does a terrific job with his remarks, and I know that our members are excited for this year visit which will take place right before the start of the NCAA Tournament. I again want to acknowledge the support of event sponsor MiddleOak, and CEO Gary Vallo who sits on our Executive Committee and is a terrific chamber supporter.

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Releasing the ball is the center, Dominic Granado, who sends the ball quickly flying in the air toward Goff. Snatching it out of the air a little higher than usual, the quarterback fakes the ball in front of Enwere, who is running past him. But instead of handing off the ball for the back to attempt to make a run for it, Goff keeps it.

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