Whatever your requirements, holidays to Kyrenia really are still some of the best in the world. Northern Cyprus remains outside the Euro zone, so value for money is excellent. The climate year round is favourable, and depending on the time of year, you can find a range from warm to sizzling.

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Support for STARS Air Ambulance is also crucial. Three STARS aircraft, air medical crews, physicians and the Emergency Link Centre were all involved in rescue efforts near Tisdale after the Broncos bus crash. Some of the fundraising efforts that have taken place after the tragedy have centred around the service, and this is an absolutely appropriate place for concern and donations to go.

Would, quote, “Offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.” If we boil down your appearance before the news media on Friday, this was your message. We’ll talk about that in some detail in a moment. You confronted the news media.

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