It not fun!?!?!? That blew my mind. But the truth is, I had been a GM for so long I forgot what the players felt. Losing 3 character really does suck. But is commodifying it by naming makeup and cosmetic products after sex wrong? In my opinion, yeah. We live in a weird point in our culture where we’re half caught between puritanistic beliefs on sex, and the “woke twitter, women do what they want” thing. Sex positivity is a good thing but the way sexual innuendos, particularly sexual innuendos in reference to P/V sex, have been pushed into cosmetic naming, is kind of creepy, considering that the people who own these companies and market these products are mostly older men, using a sex positivity movement for young women, to profit off of the same girls buying makeup, which admit it or not, is used by most of us to look more attractive (myself included).

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