Too much food/drink? Throw down the beds and nap.If it a work thing, I fly but if I just goofing, I rather enjoy the train. It has a top speed of 150 mph but is only like 30 minutes faster than driving during rush hour (Boston to New York) because of how poorly designed the route is. The train itself is a marvel of engineering but almost none of the route is even owned by Amtrak.

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I donated to Evers, the Iron Stache and Baldwin this go around. Only $75 total, but I doing what I can for you guys here from NY. I obviously don blame those who turned out I placing blame (rightfully so and no one is gonna convince me otherwise) on those who can be bothered to show up.

It is always best to make your mortgage payments as long as you are able to. By not making payments for over 30 days you will do further damage to your credit and risk being foreclosed on by the bank. However, you must prioritize your money, and basic necessities like food should come before paying the bank.

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