I go through the emails that may have come in and if it will take less than 5 minutes to respond then I do, but if it needs much more thought, I’ll star it. I then clear out the stars during email time later. I apply logic; if it is a question from a potential or current client, a decision I need to make, or if someone may be affected by my delay, I get to it so that they are not left hanging..

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However, it is important to find the correct drills that target improvement to the muscles that promote increase speed. With that said, one of the most important things to do when training is to set a goal and make it REALISTIC. With no realistic goals, you will never be able to achieve running fast, and may even feel demoralized when you do not seem to meet any expectations you give to yourself..

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In summary, options trading involves choosing the right underlying stock. This process can be made simple by first finding stocks that have an options chain, then applying technical analysis to find the right price pattern. Lastly, use fundamental analysis to narrow down this list to your master stocklist.

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