Post exercise of the deal’s green shoe, there are 71.7 million shares in public hands (the float). CPPIB, BC Partners, and Patrick Drahi retain ownership positions in ATUS of 28.4%, 18,.4%, and 25.8%, respectively.Putting aside for the moment the dubious prospects for any near term turnaround in France, Portugal or the Dominican Republic, one might ask how Altice should reduce the size of its liabilities to fit with a more static level of cash flow. And how did the Group end up with so much debt anyway? The table below summarizes the Group’s recent M and strategic investment deal history.

iphone x cases Sign in / Join NowSummaryMicron fell from grace after its Q2 earnings despite beating estimates, with shares falling more than 8%.Investors are rattled by the possibility of weaker NAND fundamentals, as the memory “supercycle” starts to fade.Micron guidance for its DRAM business, however, has seen slight improvement.DRAM is two thirds of Micron business, and the bright news there should be given more weight.Despite recent advances in its share price, Micron still looks cheap under 6x this year earnings estimates.Over the past couple of months, Micron (MU) has led the pack of memory stocks as they barreled toward multiyear highs amid expectations that the so called “memory supercycle” still has momentum in 2018 despite getting a little long in the tooth. Wall Street has lauded its praises on Micron, Western Digital (WDC), and the rest of the memory sector and as Street estimates went up, so did share prices.The champagne party took a bit of a breather after Micron posted Q2 earnings on March 22, which promptly caused a huge 8% selloff in the shares. Of course, the broader market was also cratering that day iphone cases, and Micron itself is no stranger to volatile trading. iphone x cases

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iphone 7 plus case We are well positioned in fiscal 2019 with a great lineup of activities to support the growth, momentum of this brand family.Corona Extra kicks off a new sponsorship as the official cerveza of the San Francisco Giants and will become the official import beer of this year’s Kentucky Derby. English and Spanish language national TV campaigns will be launched to support the brand with this year’s increased media investments focused on sports properties.New TV ads featuring Corona Extra and Corona Light together will begin running in advance of the Cinco de Mayo holiday and we will begin launching our new TV ad campaigns in support of the Premier and Familiar lunches beginning next month.Casa Modelo has plenty of upside from ongoing distribution expansion opportunities in the coming year. Dedicated media spend will increase by more than 20% in fiscal 2019, which will be heavily weighted the high profile programming on ESPN and other entertainment networks as well as live sports property, such as the NFL and the NBA iphone 7 plus case.