It could be a breakout year for the offense as a whole.” Hays makes for an interesting story, if for no other reason than that he’s not a “brand name” quarterback like Butte’s been accustomed to starting in past years the Roadrunners’ recent starting QBs have included Rodgers, Ratekin, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Brett Ratliff and Green Bay Packers Pro Bowler Aaron Rodgers. “This would be the first year in quite a few at the quarterback spot that we haven’t had a so called ‘big time’ quarterback there,” Jordan said. “I feel really good about it, but it’s weird not having a guy that’s started a game there before.” Butte’s system should help Hays, and possibly vice versa, since the Roadrunners have been a ground focused group throughout Jordan’s tenure; that doesn’t figure to change this year cheap jordans, either.

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