Look across the state: from Wilmington to Richmond, we know the California Dream is not yet a reality for everyone. Political power is about organization and voice. These communities often lack at least one of them. 1. Forget about your own numbers and pick numbers that are more frequent in the draw. Most people use to play some certain numbers and the numbers refuses to win.

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I’ve personally had many growth points in my life that were soft and subtle, yet hugely impactful. Times when I knew something had to change, so I changed it. Moments where things came to a close with some challenges, but they weren’t earth shattering or disruptive.

Love finds us: It’s hard to grasp the idea of love finding us in the day and age of online dating and cyber sex or perfectly planning our futures, but often love finds us when we’re not looking. Clich? Yes, but true. Today we plan everything, our entire lives.

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