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He scribbled some of his last verses on the wall with a burnt stick. When former Indian Premier Rajiv Gandhi had visited Myanmar in 1987, this is what he had penned down in the visitor book placed at the Emperor grave: you (Bahadur Shah) do not have land in India, you have it here, your name is alive I pay homage to the memory of the symbol and rallying point of India first war of independence. When the victory of the British became certain, Zafar took refuge at his great Grandfather Humayun tomb in Delhi but he was captured in September 1857.

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It’s evident by the measuring stick of the NFL draft that Davie hasn’t recruited the elite athletes you need to compete at the highest level. In the four drafts following Davie’s first four years, just 15 Irish players were drafted (only one in the first round, OT Luke Pettigout to the Giants in ’99). Davie had just one first team All American play for him (OT Mike Rosenthal, 1998, Walter Camp)..

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