Yet Meyer insists no single event led to the board’s decision to fire Howard. Every year, the Parks and Recreation Department takes an after the fact look at each program it oversees and looks for ways to improve, based on dozens of factors. In this case, the improvement was to put someone else in charge..

Deri Ayala, Aldine, Sr.; Ricardo Blanco, Northbrook, Jr.; John Branisa, Memorial, Jr.; Javier Carrera Bragado, Memorial, Sr.; Ruben Chapa, Aldine Davis, So.; Felipe Diaz, Eisenhower, Jr.; Jose Munguia Flores, Aldine Davis, So.; Pedro Garcia, Eisenhower, So.; Dadwin Hernandez, Nimitz, So.; Luis Landin, Northbrook, Jr.; Miguel Martinez, Northbrook, Sr.; Selvin Mejia, Davis, Jr.; Eric Munguia, MacArthur, Jr. ; Elmer Nuez, Aldine, Jr.; Jose Pacheco, MacArthur, Jr.; Erasmo Perez, Eisenhower, Jr.; Hector Reyes, Aldine, Sr. ; Arnold Segundo, Nimitz, Fr.; Kevin Tura, Memorial, Sr.

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Last week’s events have been followed by a predictably vacuous and sensationalised deluge of comment from the mainstream media. The dominant focus of mainstream reportage has been the “violence” that supposedly characterised the evening, while many who identify as left themselves seem keen to distance themselves from said “violence” by employing the “outside agitators” trope. I hope to problematize these narratives while also arguing that the administration’s failure to deny the Berkeley College Republicans of its racist, xenophobic, sexist extravaganza and the administration’s communications with the campus community justify the outrage of many students and community members.