I had attempted to, but in any case the transition committee was not and is not a stakeholder. The only stakeholder group that can claim that I didn speak with them, was the City and Ron Poole. Since that meeting Ron and I have played a bit of telephone tag.To prove that I am not biased I encouraged our paper, The Northwest This Week, to print the relevant letters, one from each organization that expressed an opinion on the ongoing difficulties.

Smoking wreckage was all that remained of the business near Hamlin just a few hours later. Was like my God, it gone. I mean there nothing left to it. There is much at stake here. Alcan’s Kitimat operation contributes some 8% of the total GDP of the province. The smelter also pays in excess of 10 million dollars annually to the local tax roll.

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Furla Outlet It seems to me that our union is collecting the goodwill kanken kanken, ie money from dues, yet is trying to placate us small town members with paperwork. Meanwhile peoples lives are torn apart, disrupted, and workers are pitted against each other.I realize that we are a long way from Vancouver, but per capita, we have a very strong membership up here I am disappointed in the response that has come our way from the administration down south.I vote non confidence in our representation out here and am glad that Brother, Mr. Ross Slezak is not around to see this mockery of brotherhood in the workplace.Sister in the Local 40 BC unionHotel Industry EmployeeComment by Paul Wilson on 19th August 2008Wow! You said it Girl. Furla Outlet

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The fast flowing water of the Kitsault River and the crash site proximity to the Alice Arm made recovery efforts very challenging. Terrace Search and Rescue kanken, Prince Rupert Coast Guard kanken, Rescue Squadron 442, the Prince Rupert RCMP and the RCMP Marine Section attended the area to assist with the recovery mission. The aircraft wreckage was secured as a result of a joint effort between SarTechs from the 442 Squadron and Search and Rescue Personnel from Terrace.

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