Back on the KL cap, i am aware that the max KL is 266 on global, you can go further. Looking at your leaderboard only Fem and Astrea are at stage 26.500, which means, only 2 people in your guild MAXIMUM got slow down by the cap, which means, without the cap, only you two would be higher than now. Do you understand why? I mean its logic, even a 10yo kid would understand that if you are not blocked by a wall you couldn be further it if the wall did or didn existed.

bobby backpack Unfortunately part of being in your 30s means discarding those relationships that are no longer healthy or productive. You may have some cherished memories from the past but it sounds like these friendships are no longer working for any of you and you just going through the motions (plenty of people do this with old friends out of nostalgia or obligation). It sounds like it will be difficult to salvage this relationship and you probably better off closing this chapter and moving on to new friendships that are mutually rewarding.. bobby backpack

USB charging backpack So now I ended up at the bottom of the work chain, with very little room and chance to move up. I know its mostly my fault, I been off school since 15 16. But still, I feel like having a second parent, or a little tougher mom wouldve helped a ton. Bevor du dort hinziehst (oder nicht), solltest du das land zumindest erstmal auf urlaub besuchen und mit den leuten reden, wah ihnen an ihrer situation gefaellt und worueber sie sich sorgen machen. Ich war 2x da (beruflich, und auf durchreise von kanada nach mexico mit auto). Also 99% der leute waren durchweg nett, hoeflich und hilfsbereit der rest arbeitet bei der passagierabfertigung am flughafen in LA.. USB charging backpack

water proof backpack Um no, I will not have someone holding a baby while making my pizza. If that requires a “high horse” to save this baby life water proof backpack, give me the f ladder and YOU stop making God damn excuses for people to put their children in danger in the name of poverty. How bout those f facts! Cause I damn sure getting tired of seeing babies dying or getting left or taken away from parents because we have people like you supporting this shit and saying I on my high horse. water proof backpack

pacsafe backpack I run into this issue with hit registration on the raid quite often, boomer taking 3 clips and not going down, usually only takes 1.5. I think it more obvious in the raid because you are taking down one or two elites immediately and then boomer. I have found it is always more viable to run the vector with a high ROF, versus slower ROF options, regardless of the DPS sacrifice, 18.2 vector vs 37.3 T821 or anything else in between. pacsafe backpack

anti theft backpack I [30M] was invited on a trip while my girlfriends [30F] parents are in town. She said it would be rude to go even though I’d still be spending a lot of time with them. You live together and seem to be hosting her parents for the stay, and you are part of a couple, not just a roommate. You on the other hand would call him a fucking asshole (despite his politeness) and exaggerate his suggestions as if he were preaching for wildly radical changes, which he isn asking for. You also assume that he is ignorant of delayed weapon rendering, as if that were to nullify his opinions, and group him up with some other toxic people you talked to. Without even trying to look at his point of view with reason you jump to conclusions and completely dismiss his argument, which destroys any chance for a constructive discussion anti theft backpack.