You might find this funny, but many of the projects do not actually benefit China in any way. The locals can use the services freely without any real constraints. My dad is always amazed by the amount of money that CCP wastes in African countries in return of some “political alliances” in UN.

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Dickson, Katie S. Dickson and Cameron P. Dickson and one step grandson, Shayne R. All the images used in this series of articles have been purchased under a royalty free licensing arrangement. Just because you find an image or cartoon on the web, doesn mean it free to use. This can be very useful because:.

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Brasero is the Gnome CD/DVD burning utility. Like many Gnome applications, it has a rather simplistic interface. This program has most of the same features as K3B including the ability to rip CDs and data DVDs, burning data cd/dvd, audio cds and ISO images.