Merry man “companion or follower of a knight, outlaw, etc.” is attested from late 14c. The first record of merry go round is from 1729. Merry bout “an incident of sexual intercourse” was low slang from 1780. 3 of 15 found this interestingWhen Marty is getting ready to play guitar through the huge amplifier in Doc Brown house, he switches on the amplifier, turns all of the gains and overdrive up, plugs the cable into the amplifier, then proceeds to plug the other end of the cable into the guitar. The moment the cable touches the guitar output jack should have been the moment the amp blew up. Most guitarists will plug the cable into the guitar and amp, THEN turn the amp on.

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canada goose jackets Gosling came to the attention of a mainstream audience in 2004 after starring opposite fellow Canadian Rachel McAdams in the romantic drama film The Notebook, a film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name, directed by Nick Cassavetes.[54] Gosling portrayed Noah Calhoun and commented on the role: “It gave me an opportunity to play a character over a period of time from 1940 to 1946 that was quite profound and formative.”[55] Gosling sought to imbue his character with “quiet strength” and was inspired by the performance of Sam Shepard in Days of Heaven. Shepard co starred in The Notebook.[56] Filming took place in Charleston, South Carolina, in late 2002 and early 2003.[57] Although Gosling and McAdams became romantically involved in 2005, they had a combative relationship on the set.[58][59] “We inspired the worst in each other,” Gosling has said. “It was a strange experience, making a love story and not getting along with your co star in any way.”[9] At one point, Gosling asked Cassavetes to “bring somebody else in for my off camera shot” because he felt McAdams was uncooperative.[59] The New York Times praised the “spontaneous and combustible” performances of the two leads and noted that, “against your better judgment, you root for the pair to beat the odds against them.”[60] Desson Thomson of The Washington Post praised Gosling’s “beguiling unaffectedness” and noted that “it’s hard not to like these two or begrudge them a great love together”.[61] The film grossed over $115 million worldwide.[62] Gosling won four Teen Choice Awards[63] and an MTV Movie Award.[64] Entertainment Weekly has said that the movie contains the All Time Best Movie Kiss[65] while the Los Angeles Times has included a scene from the film in a list of the 50 Classic Movie Kisses.[66] The Notebook has appeared on many Most Romantic Movies lists.[67][68][69][70] canada goose jackets.