However, it came with the unexpected side effect of making Molaison unable to create new memories. He spent the rest of his life living out the plot of Memento, only without the dead wife or the youngest Fratelli brother.Scoville’s brain chopping provided the first demonstrable link between certain areas of the brain and specific neurological functions that is, the idea of the brain being made up of several parts instead of just one big whole. This led to the modern science of cognitive neuropsychology, and to Molaison eating Jell O in an observation ward for the rest of his life..

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“The Russians saw 2016 as a success, and they’ll be back in 2018, unless we do far more to protect ourselves than we’re currently doing,” Sen. Mark Warner (D Va.), the chief Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee, toldThe Associated Press. “Unfortunately, the lack of leadership from the White House means that we still have no all of government approach to addressing this threat.”.

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